Brad Gentner – President

For eight years, I ran the recreational economics data collection program for the National Marine Fisheries Service. As an Economist in the Division of Economics and Social Analysis, I specialized in survey design, recreational fisheries demand and welfare analysis, non-market valuation, and economic impact modeling for recreational fisheries. I managed all facets of NMFS recreational economic data collections including procurement, survey design and deliverable quality control. Additionally, I chaired the NMFS Economic Impact Working Group, coordinating the development of agency impact models for commercial and recreational fisheries and training NMFS staff in how to build and use custom IMPLAN models. My work for NMFS concentrated on the development and implementation of new methodologies for estimating the benefits, costs, and economic impacts of fisheries policies. My experience includes the design and analysis of revealed and stated preference valuation surveys, expenditure surveys, and industry cost and return surveys using in-person, mail and telephone surveying modes.

My latest research has focused on the use of stated preference choice experiments to predict changes in angler fishing effort, angler welfare, and the economic impacts stemming from changes in recreational regulations. Recently, I completed a national saltwater angler expenditure survey that involved multiple survey modes and mailed approximately 45,000 surveys. My work continues to include economic research and analysis related to commercial and recreational fisheries, working with such organizations as the NMFS Office of Economics and Social Analysis, the NMFS Office of International Affairs, and the International Game Fish Association.

I am experienced in all phases of survey design including sample design, instrument design, focus groups and cognitive interviews. I have extensive experience constructing and modifying economic impact models in IMPLAN to incorporate new industrial sectors not well represented in the standard SIC or NAIC categories. I am able to synthesize complex concepts and present these ideas to diverse audiences in person and in writing. My diverse knowledge and skills in natural resource management, statistics, econometrics, and survey design afford me the ability to craft innovative solutions multi-disciplinary problems.

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